Mottrol Defense

Hydraulic Components for Defense Systems


We are developing and supplying various types of hydropneumatic suspension units (HSU)
that helpes reduce the impact or vibration transmitted directly from the road surface while driving.

  • Key Features of Hydropneumatic Suspension Unit

    Increasing the Interior Space of the Vehicle's Body by removing the Torsion Bar

    Shock Absorption and Improved Rideability through Characteristics of Nonlinear Spring Fixed Hydraulic Dampers

    Excellent Maintence as independently installed outside the Vehicle's Body

    Easy to Control/Operate the Vehicle's Ground Level by adjusting the Spring Force for each Wheel Position

  • Our Capabilities

    Spring/Damping Optimization Technology

    High Pressure Lubrication/Sealing Design Technology

    Structure/Lightweight Design Technology

    Operation Test and Evaluation/Failure Analysis

Current Status of SUSPENSION Line-up

Category Arm-Exterior Type
Hydropneumatic Suspension Unit : HSU
In-arm Type
Hydropneumatic Suspension Unit : ISU
Strut Type
Hydropneumatic Buffer
Application Area LAND8116 (For Export to Australia) K9 Thunder/K10 Ammunition Carrier LAND400 (For Export to Australia) K21 Infantry Fighting Vehicle/Infantry Transport Armored Vehicle K55A1 SPH (Self Propelled Howitzer)
Arm Length 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm 675 mm
Wheel Travel Distance Up to 275 mm Up to 275 mm Up to 320 mm Up to 360 mm Up to 180 mm
Dead Weight 43 ~ 47 kN 40 ~ 45 kN 40 ~ 45 kN 25 ~ 30 kN 7 kN
Weight Less than 210 kg Less than 200 kg Less than 185 kg Less than 120 kg Less than 30 kg
Size 970 x 700 x 550 mm 970 x 700 x 520 mm 717 x 512 x 345 mm 702 x 470 x 435 mm Ø120 x 740 mm